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The Unique Ability of Indiana Corrugated

Indiana Corrugated is a manufacturer of industrial and consumer packaging. Below are some of the innovative products Indiana Corrugated offers and produces:

State-of-the-art large format combining, which gives us a unique flexibility to laminate 100%, recycled high-end graphic top sheets to 100% recycled paperboard or to a variety of micro-fluted sheets.

Both Rotary and Flat bed die cutting are available. Matrix scores are available to help eliminate cracking on the scores, improve run speeds, and reduce jam-ups on case erecting equipment.

Standard Flexo printing

The most unique innovation is our ability to cross laminate to solid fiber thus eliminating fluted material and at times reducing the cost of SBS

100% recycled top sheet laminated to kraft back paperboard. In some cases, this reduces the cost of having to purchase SBS.

Laminating to paperboard provides ‘flute shadow’ free packaging.

Top sheet laminating provides marketing and sales with higher end print vs. preprint or high-end flexo printing. It is also much quicker turn around of graphic changes and tooling is significantly less expensive.

Top sheet cross-laminated material is substantially thinner than conventional fluted material thus, providing huge logistical and space savings.

Indiana Corrugated Products          Indiana Corrugated Products
Indiana Corrugated Products          Indiana Corrugated Products

Corrugated Pallets

All corrugated pallets at Indiana corrugated are machine manufactured ensuring both quality and consistency in every pallet produced. Corrugated Pallets offer a more environmentally friendly as well as ergonomically correct alternative.

Indiana Corrugated Pallets          Indiana Corrugated Pallets
Indiana Corrugated Pallets

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